DO-178 Design & Development


DO-178B Development covers DO-178B Requirements, DO-178B Design, and DO-178B Coding. Today, there are hundreds of avionics companies throughout the world developing D0178B software for commercial and military avionics. Approximately twenty to thirty different DO-178B outsourcing/services companies supply engineers, contractors, and outsourcing for DO-178B.

Key issues to consider for procuring outside DO-178B engineers or DO-178B outsourcing services:
  • Have their engineers/processes been DO-178B audited, e.g. by the DO-178B Industry Group, via Atego HighRely? (www.atego.com).
  • Do they have full-time DO-178B and DO-254 DERs (Designated Engineering Representatives)
  • Can they work either at their own U.S. facilities or your facilties?
  • Are they ITAR compliant? (Required for U.S. Military and Secure projects; must be U.S. citizens working in the US for a US-owned firm)
  • Do they guarantee their work?
  • Do their DO-178B engineers have 10+ years experience on average?
  • Are they willing to work on a fixed-price basis, if you clearly define the scope?
  • Can they provide DO-178B systems engineering, DO-178B software design/code, DO-178B testing, DO-178B QA, and DO-178B Certification?
  • Can they provide DO-178B templates, DO-178B plans, and DO-178B checklists?
For information on available DO-178B engineers and outsourcing companies, email info@do178site.com


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