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Presagis Announces Acquisition of Seaweed Systems Inc.

Presagis expands embedded systems offerings to include graphical drivers

Presagis Optimizes Avionics Solutions using Wind River's VxWorks DO-178B Certification Platform
Presagis announces next generation tool for the development of certifiable DO-178B safety critical embedded applications
The first book on the most important safety certification documents (DO-178B and DO-254) for commercial and military avionics.

Avionics Certification
A Complete Guide to DO-178 (Software),  DO-254 (Hardware)

Pages :   244
Price: $95.00
 ISBN 978-1-885544-25-4

To order: contact info@highrely.com, or www.highrely.com


Contents of "Avionics Certification" Book:

1 . Introduction
2. Real World of DO-178B 
3. Planning the Project 
4. Criticality Levels 
5. What is “Certified”?
6. Cost Vs Benefits
7. Military Certification
8. Getting Started
9. Safety Assessment
10. Planning, Development and Correctness
11.  Quality Assurance Plan 
12.  Configuration Management
13.  Software Development Plan
14.  System Requirements|

15.  Software Design
16.  Unit Testing
17.  Software Testing
18.  Structural Coverag 
19.  Test and Tools
20.  DO-254 (Hardware)
21.  Hardware Design Life Cycle
22.  Gap Analysis
23.  Verification
24. Project Organization
25.  PSAC
26.  Tool Qualification
27.  Software Design Aspects
28.  Cost Estimation and Metrics Glossary

To order: contact info@highrely.com, or www.highrely.com


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