DO-178 Turnkey Services


The DO-178B Industry Group provides a forum for providers and buyers of DO178B services to learn about each other.

DO-178B Industry Group accepts no fees or compensation for providing this service. All providers of DO-178B services must first be screened for service quality by the nation’s largest avionics certification entity, HighRely Incorporated (www.highrely.com) and subject their services/products to audits. However, such audits are not a guarantee of quality, merely a screening process.

Today, there is a plethora of available DO-178B services, unlike 10 years ago. Typically requested and procured services include:
  • DO-178B Process Training
  • Training in DO-178B Software Development, DO-178B Project Management, DO-178B FAA Compliance, DO-178B Safety Analysis, & DO-178B Software Testing
  • DO-178B Gap Analysis (analyzing the gaps in your existing software lifecycle so that those gaps can be closed to meet DO-178B compliance)
  • DO-178B Project Set-up
  • DO-178B Systems Engineering
  • DO-178B Software Design and Development (coding)
  • DO-178B Testing & Verification
  • DO-178B Quality Assurance
  • DO-178B Designated Engineering Representative (DER) consulting
  • DO-178B Reverse Engineering (certifying your product to DO-178B even though it was developed without DO-178B “awareness”)
  • DO-178B 3rd Party Product & Tool Recommendations
  • DO-178B Proposal Development services for preparing your DO-178B proposal

The following sub-pages under Services here provide a forum for describing or finding the associated DO-178B services:


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