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Atego HighRely is Atego’s dedicated DO-178 and DO-254 engineering services division.

Atego HighRely is also a leader in providing world class DO-178 and DO-254 Training. Atego HighRely has more DO-178 and DO-254 Designated Engineering Representatives (DER) and avionics engineers than any other services company. If you have any need for avionics certification or DER, Atego HighRely is your answer.

HighRely was founded by embedded engineering professionals including Mr. Tony Baghai and Mr. Reza Madjidi, Principals, with 18 years of critical systems experience. HighRely was acquired by Atego May 03, 2011 - full press release here.

We exist for one reason: furthering the success of our embedded clients via highly reliable solutions.

With Atego HighRely, you have access to the best critical embedded device developers in the world: managers, architects, developers, testers, certifiers, trainers, and solutions.
Our team of RTCA/DO-178 and DO-254 DER consultants cover the full spectrum of FAA required Designated Engineering Representatives, for all project phases. It is a 99% certainty that Atego HighRely’s DERs personally certified avionics on your last personal flight ....

JumpCert™ provides you with the training, data, templates, strategies, and tools you need. Also, if you need more help such as engineering, development, testing or DER certification, we are here…

JumpCert™ is a pre-packaged set of products and services to jump-start, automate, augment, and finalize your DO-178B product certification. As North America’s largest, and fastest-growing, avionics certification/engineering company, Atego HighRely has perfected the art of helping new customers become proficient and successful with DO-178.


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