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Vector Software, Inc. is a leading independent provider of automated test tools for software developers. Established in 1989 as a consulting and service organization, Vector's product focus is to empower software professionals to deliver the highest quality software in the least amount of time. Vector's "VectorCAST" line of products reduce the burden placed on individual developers by automating and standardizing application component level testing. This innovative technology developed by Vector represents the "next generation" of intelligent test tools. The tools support Ada83/95, C/C++, and Embedded C++ (EC++). The VectorCAST family of products automates testing activities across the software development
lifecycle. The purpose of this paper is to provide a high-level view of what the VectorCAST
products do, how they interwork, and how you might best use them to fully meet your own
software testing needs.
VectorCAST products scan your Ada, C/C++ and Embedded C++ (EC++) source code and automatically generate the test code necessary to construct executable test harnesses for both host and embedded environments. With the VectorCAST test system your component simulation model is always up-to-date. It only takes minutes to construct the test environments that are required to isolate individual software components. Utilities are also provided to construct and execute test cases and generate the reports necessary to provide an audit trail of expected and actual results.
  • Automatically generates and compiles test stubs and driver programs
  • Integrated with most major compilers, target boards, and RTOS's
  • Automatically generates min-mid-max test cases
    Allows custom test case generation using a graphical point-and-click interface or an intuitive scripting interface
  • Allows for completely automatic regression testing
  • Provides graphical statement, branch and MC/DC code coverage
  • Allows test execution on host, simulator and embedded target systems
  • Support for Ada and C/C++
  • Testing for DO-178B

VectorCAST/Cover is a full-featured code coverage analysis tool that allows you to gauge the effectiveness of your test efforts by identifying which areas of an application have been exercised with a test run. VectorCAST/Cover provides a convenient way to ensure that your test suite does not include gaps that may result in applications being released with untested code. VectorCAST/Cover allows you to analyze any portion of your application, or the entire application at once. For each file that is analyzed, VectorCAST/Cover creates a multi-tabbed source viewer widget containing the following four sections:

  • Coverage Summary: Provides a color-coded view of your source code, reflecting code that is completely covered, partially covered, or uncovered.
  • Metrics Summary: Provides a tabular list of code complexity and currently achieved source code coverage for each function.
  • Basis Path Analysis: Identifies number of test paths through each subprogram.
  • MC/DC: Modified Condition/Decision Coverage for the RTCA DO-178B standard for Level A flight software.


VectorCAST/C++ Unit and Integration Testing for C/C++
VectorCAST/Ada Unit & Integration Testing for Ada83 and Ada95
VectorCAST/Cover The Multi-Language Code Coverage Tool
VectorCAST/RSP Real-Time Embedded testing.
VectorCAST/Manage Automated Regression Test Management
VectorCAST/Requirements Gateway  

For more information about Vector Software, visit, http://www.vectorcast.com


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